Board of Management

The Bayer AG Board of Management




Dr. Marijn Dekkers

Werner Baumann

Michael König*
Human Resources

Dr. Wolfgang Plischke
Innovation and

Technology, Innovation and Sustainability
*Labor Director


As the executive organ of the Bayer Group, the Bayer AG Board of Management is committed to serving the interests of the entire enterprise and achieving a sustained increase in corporate value. The Chairman of the Board of Management Dr. Marijn E. Dekkers coordinates the principles of corporate policy.


The most important tasks of the Board of Management are defining corporate strategy, setting the budget and allocating corporate resources. It publishes quarterly reports and annual financial statements for the Bayer Group and makes key staff appointments. The Board of Management also ensures that the Supervisory Board receives regular, timely and comprehensive information on all matters relating to Bayer AG’s planning, business development and risk management.


Members of the Board of Management are appointed for a maximum term of five years and are eligible for reappointment after the completion of their term in office.

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