Research & Innovation

Research at Bayer

As a research-based company, the Bayer Group firmly believes in innovation as a key driver for future growth. We have the necessary resources in place to realize further growth opportunities for the future through research and development activities.


In 2012 we invested a total of EUR 3 billion in research and development. It is particularly important for us to develop new products that strengthen our core businesses while at the same time continuously optimizing our product portfolio and our manufacturing processes.


Our research activities are closely aligned to the requirements of our markets, with customer needs and technological advances presenting opportunities for future innovation.


All the subgroups work hand in hand with Bayer Technology Services on engineering issues, particularly in the area of process technology. Research also focuses on enabling technologies such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, which offer considerable potential for developing new products and businesses.


Research in three sub groups 


With innovation projects in particular, our own research and development activities are supplemented by our international network of collaborations with leading universities, public-sector research institutes and partner companies. Through this pooling of expertise, we aim to rapidly translate new ideas into successful products.


R&D Spending




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