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Research at Bayer HealthCare

Research and development at Bayer HealthCare focus on identifying and developing new active substances to treat diseases with a high unmet medical need. Bayer HealthCare, with R&D spending of EUR 1.96 billion in 2012, accounted for 65.1  percent of all R&D expenditures in the Bayer Group.

In its internal research for active ingredients, Bayer Pharmaceuticals concentrates on four core areas: Oncology, Cardiology, Women´s Healthcare, and Diagnostic Imaging.The R&D activities of Bayer Schering Pharma are focused on the identification and development of new active substances for diseases with a high medical need.
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Animal Health
The main focus is the health of farm animals (cattle, pigs, poultry) and companion animals (dogs, cats, horses). Research and Development activities in the Animal Health Division concentrate on antibiotics, parasite control and active substances for the treatment of non-infectious diseases. This latter category includes kidney failure, pain therapy, cancer and inflammatory heart failure.
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Medical Care
The main emphasis in the Diabetes Care Division is on strengthening the core product lines. A combination of internal development and collaboration with partners enables the division to offer customers user-friendly blood glucose monitoring systems that meet the individual needs of people with diabetes. One of the main areas of research is minimally invasive and continuous measuring technologies, the long-term aim being to allow monitoring without painful invasive blood sampling.
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Consumer Care
Research and development activities in the Consumer Care Division focus on the identification, development and market introduction of non-prescription products. Research activities concentrate on support for current brands and the implementation of product-related, clinical and regulatory development strategies. This work opens up the possibility of exploiting new technologies, additional indications for existing drug products and the reclassification of previously prescription medications as over-the-counter products.
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