Jennifer Hunt to become the new Executive Vice President of Bayer Oy's Product Supply Center in Turku

Jennifer Hunt has been appointed as the new Executive Vice President of Bayer's Product Supply Center in Turku. Her previous position was Bayer Oy's Strategic Program Management Lead. Hunt has earlier worked in challenging international management and development tasks in production, for example at the Bio Product Laboratory in the UK and at Alvotech in Iceland.

Peter Essen, Executive Vice President of Bayer's Product Supply Center in Turku, will retire from Bayer Oy in March 2021. Essen will transfer from management tasks to development tasks for strategic projects on 1 April 2020. During his long and diverse career Essen has been an important force in the development of the Product Supply Center in Turku and in building the success of Bayer Nordic. Peter Essen has worked in development and management tasks in the Product Supply Center in Turku for 40 years.

Jennifer Hunt Bayer Oy:n Turun tuotantolaitoksen uudeksi johtajaksi

The Product Supply Center in Turku is one of Bayer's most significant pharmaceutical plants globally. Long-acting contraceptives based on polymer-based technology are developed and manufactured at the plant and exported to over 130 countries. Thanks to this know-how, the hormonal coil manufactured in Turku is globally the third best-selling pharmaceuticals of the Bayer Group that operates in 87 countries. The hormonal coils developed in Turku have been Finland's biggest pharmaceutical export product for more than a decade.

- During the past decade, we have succeeded to double our sales. Last year Mirena product family demonstrates sales growth of 7 percent to 1,223 billion euros. This year we celebrate its 30th anniversary on the market as it was launched in Finland in 1990, Hunt says.

Turku is the center of expertise in women's health and an innovation hub

According to Hunt, who begins as Executive Vice President of Bayer's Product Supply Center in Turku on 1 April, the Turku production site will remain a center of expertise in women's health products and an innovation hub for both Bayer's internal network and its external global network in future as well.

- It is exciting to start work in a global life science company that has such a strong future-oriented outlook with a solid foundation and a brand that is well-known all over the world. Bayer also has a strong footprint in Finland and here in Turku, where the production plant is one of the most important Supply Centers of the Group globally, Hunt says and continues:
- However, our operational environment is constantly changing and the rhythm in this field of industry is accelerating. The market has become diversified and production volumes have grown. Completely new kind of skills and collaboration across Bayer's boundaries are required, for example, in the areas of artificial intelligence, automation and new technologies. These are the sectors where we will particularly invest in future, Hunt summarizes.

Out of Bayer's 25 production sites, Turku is the third largest and the only one where product development operates in the same building.
- Continuous product development and research and seamless collaboration with production is one of the secrets of our success, Hunt says.

Providing 100 million women with access to modern family planning by 2030

In addition to hormonal coils, the Product Supply Center in Turku develops and manufactures the contraceptive implant that has been on the market since 1997.

- Contraceptive implants are sold to low-and-middle income countries where women could not otherwise afford to use contraception. We want to make advanced contraceptive products available to as many women as possible for them to be able to plan their family size, says Hunt.

Contraceptive products developed in Finland were used already by about 40 million women by the end of 2019, most of them in low-and-middle income countries. In developing countries, the population is growing, and there is an ever-greater need for contraceptives as well: more than 200 million women in low-and-middle income countries have an unmet need for modern contraception.

Bayer is thus committed to several initiatives that promote sustainable development and include, for example, providing 100 million women with access to modern family planning by 2030.

- This vision offers us new opportunities to make a stronger impact on women's health by providing contraceptives all over the world based on our special know-how, Hunt summarizes.

Strong innovation environment and know-how enable growth

According to Bayer Nordic's CEO Miriam Holstein, Bayer has a significant role in accelerating development in the health sector globally. Holstein believes that the future of the company is based on enhancing our strong innovation pipeline, capabilities and know-how. Finland is a model example of a country where these sectors are strongly invested in. Top-class strategic experts, such as Jennifer Hunt, are also attracted from the international market.

- Bayer also has a strong footprint in Finland and in Turku where Bayer's supply center is the sole global manufacturer of the Mirena product family, with sales crossing the one billion mark. Bayer is one of the biggest corporate tax payers in Finland and invests considerably in the development of the region each year. It is great to have a top professional like Hunt to develop the Product Supply Center in Turku and to further reinforce the position of Finland on the global market, from where she has impressive experience," Holstein says.

Journey to world-class innovation

Peter Essen has been involved in building the hormonal coil into a world-class innovation during his career that has lasted for 40 years.
- During my career, we have gone through two major acquisition processes. Usually when acquisitions are made, the acquired party suffers. This is not what happened to us as there has been a desire to invest in our special competence and we have managed to keep production here in Turku. With the success of the Mirena product family, we have developed into a major employer in Finland.

All in all, Essen transfers the baton to his successor in good spirits.
- My legacy is a well-functioning work community and successful Product Supply Center that I have striven to make as safe a place to work as possible. In addition to the success of the company, we have always also striven to take the personnel and its needs into consideration in our decisions. The Product Supply Center in Turku is a great place to work and develop in the long run.

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